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Dolphin Board of Awesome


We're a global tribe building a sustainable, planetary future through grassroots, collaborative design.

We also happen to love surfing.

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DBoa Tribe

THESE are the people who make it possible

zach moses ostroff

environmental entrepreneur

Stanford University

greg Ostroff

entrepreneur & investor

goh studio

Alex Thompson

master laminator

Ashley lloyd surfboards

Rey Banatao

Jeff den broeder


sealevel tv

jimmy lewis

master shaper

jimmy lewis

michael stewart

michael stewart

nate petre

additive manufacturing ph.d


Jeff hamaoui

sustainability guru

Further by design

Martijn stiphout

Ashley lloyd Thompson

kassia Meador

professional surfer & entrepreneur


Beth o'rourke


sealevel tv

marlon lewis

dboa v.1 shaper

jimmy lewis

brett giddings

Circular design consultant

sustainable surf/Seaform

Jay LeE

product manager



The ❤️eart cOntract

The Dolphin Board Of Awesome was made possible by a dedicated tribe of surfers, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists around the world, donating their time and knowledge to make the world's most sustainable surfboard in under 7 months. We were helped tremendously by an open source, collaborative framework we created called the ❤️eart Contract. If you are interested in using the ❤️eart Contract, please contact us at

If you want to reimagine your enterprise, community, or industry for the sake of a future habitable planet, get in touch with us. That's what we're here for.